Get Involved

Contribute to the map

In order to keep this the up-to-date map of Christchurch street art, we need your help.

If you discover a new art work or noticed one's no longer viewable, please share this information with us. Everyone else who comes to this website will benefit from it too!

How do we choose what art work to show on our website? We first ask ourselves, is this something the average person would stop and take a look at. If you're not sure whether to send in the image or not, send it in anyway.

When you share an image with Watch This Space Trust, (WTS) you agree that WTS:

  • Has the right to use your image on its website
  • Has the right to share your image with third parties
  • May choose not to include this image as part of the website

The ideal image:
  • Shows the full art work with no obstructions
  • Could include additional close ups
  • Is of good quality and high resolution

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