In order to keep this the up-to-date map of Christchurch street art, we need your help.

We want this website to be the most up to date map of street art in Christchurch. The more eyes we have around town, the better chance we have of making this happen. We're looking for new artworks that come up, old ones that are getting torn down or blocked from view.

How do we choose what art work to show on our website? We first ask ourselves, is this something the average person would stop and take a look at. If you're not sure whether to send in the image or not, send it in anyway.

When you share an image with Watch This Space Trust, (WTS) you agree that WTS:

  • Has the right to use your image on its website
  • Has the right to share your image with third parties
  • May choose not to include this image as part of the website

We're looking for images that:
  • The artist would want to share
  • Overview and detailed shots welcome
  • Before, during and after shots of work coming up or being torn down

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