Watch This Space is your comprehensive guide to Christchurch street art, and the best part about it is, it’s free! Fascinated by Christchurch’s amazing street art, frustrated by the lack of adequate resources, and enticed by the challenge of keeping an up to date map across the city’s developing landscape, what started out as one person’s passion is now our recently formed charitable trust.

Watch This Space’s intention is to share and celebrate Christchurch street art. We are not artists, but street art enthusiasts. We start conversations and create excitement about street art here in Christchurch. Our goal is to make this a sustainable crowdsourced project. Christchurch, its people, its artists, and its visitors deserve a street art resource amazing as the street art itself. We place emphasis on creating opportunities for both artists and the people involved in this project to build portfolios, create meaningful experiences, and broaden our networks. Our primary purpose is to map street art and create a legacy item for the people of Christchurch. We also hope to enable opportunities for artists, connect them up with locals and businesses who want to commission art work, and support making a living wage as an artist. We want to identify free, legal wall space for creators of street art to continue to practice their craft and make masterpieces. We are here to help foster a sustainable, vibrant, and ever-evolving street art ecosystem.