Street art is a living record of what the city was, what it currently is, and what it could be.

Join us on a tour of this ever evolving city and experience it through the eyes of street art. Our guide, art historian and Watch This Space trustee, Dr. Reuben Woods, will lead you and your group on a 1.5 hr tour through the Christchurch CBD. He will take you on a journey of graffiti and street art, commissioned works, uncommissioned works, and the most recent big wall mural additions to the city.

Tour proceeds will go back into our organisation to keep out interactive map and written content on up to date, accurate, and of course, free!

Tours are subject to a minimum of 5 guests. Guests will be notified by 5pm the day before the tour if the tour is to be cancelled due to number of guests. Tickets will be refunded in full.

Last minute on-the-day bookings are 30 NZD in cash at the start of the tour.